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nasara 100%

65x Wager bukatun
$ 844000 Max tsabar kudi daga
Ƙarin Casino Bonus: 255 ba shi da ajiya a kan Boom Bang

$ 265 Chip chip An sabunta: Oktoba 16, 2010 About the Author: Leif Casebier
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  • Shep Franson
    Shep Franson

    Na gode don lokaci da ƙoƙari don waɗannan kari

  • Dewain Schmutz
    Dewain Schmutz

    @jodib71 Hello . Most of the codes posted here came from other sites/forums or in some cases, from the casino sites. The ones that came from the other site, certainly had that exclusive bonus clause, so if you didn&’t opened your account through them, sometimes or most of the times you will not be eligible for that bonus. I can&’t test or verify the bonuses posted at CB2 in my end because I only play at 4 casinos at the moment. Hope I was able to help you somehow. Good day/evening to you.