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50% Deposit Match Bonus An sabunta: Maris 1, 2015 About the Author: Leonhard Capes
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  • Kermit Kowalewski

    @annekew @xeraphyna Well, let&’s not give anybody any ideas I go through at least a 16 pound bag of food every week, sometimes more depending on how many leftovers I have for them. I am sure little Ola-La was dumped, more than likely because she had a lot of issues and needed two surgeries for sores in her mouth and bad teeth PLUS she had lice I found that out after she had been sleeping with myself and the other critters Good news&;my vet said cat lice do not go to humans or dogs, only other cats,,,who knew? I still scratched my head quite a bit I know one thing for sure&;.she will never be cold or hungry again and she is full grown 5 pounds of nothing but love♥ Oh, and a bit of orneriness thrown in