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£ 3565 KASA BONUS An sabunta: Afrilu 10, 2012 About the Author: Giffer Gustovich
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  • Benjy Levandoski
    Benjy Levandoski

    @annekew, yeah I think this generation breaks us adults more than us adults can break them lol. Wow that is really neat about your Dad, I cant imagine sleeping like that, not because of fear of being stomped on but more so, if Im in the hay and they &;go” on hay I fear I wake up covered lolol .. I am on the fence about the circus and zoos, mean if we didnt have those, here in America we dont have elephants we can travel to around the bend and be amazed and see the actual size and behavior and all. Then I battle that and go to the Bible, and there we have domain over them. I will say this, no animal should be abused, if theres say 100 zoos, then only 100 animals of that species. Its a perplexing belief, I love animals as well

  • Skipp Bacus
    Skipp Bacus

    Babu kare zai iya tafiya da sauri kamar yadda kuɗin da kuka ba shi

  • Claybourne Dede
    Claybourne Dede

    Na gode da waɗannan kari